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West Sumatra Province has many interesting tourist attractions that you can visit when the holidays arrive in recent years. to see the natural beauty of tourist attractions in West Sumatra, curious about tourist attractions. 

What is there in West Sumatra, here are the top 10 tourist attractions in West Sumatra according to Indonesian tourism before continuing, don't forget to subscribe to this Chanel and activate your notifications so that we are more enthusiastic in providing information about Indonesian tourism, guys

Pulau Pasumpahan

Pasumpahan Island has been visited by various tourists in recent years because it is very beautiful, not only that, Pasumpahan Island also offers natural beauty that is very open, uh White Sand Beach, open ocean and clear blue sea, making this place a must visit for tourists. 

Nature lovers Pasumpahan Island is in the waters of Bungus Teluk Kabung District, Padang City, West Sumatra, therefore this island is close. 

If we use a speed boat from Bungus Bay which is close to Padang city because of its beauty, Pasumpahan Island is now being targeted by many local and foreign investors to be developed as an object. Featured tours in West Sumatra i which is for you

Lembah Harau

Harau Valley is one of the natural wonders in West Sumatra, many of which juxtapose this place with Yosemite Pak in California. 

The name Harau Valley is already familiar to the people of West Sumatra because this place is a favorite destination when spending holidays, even many Indonesian travelers enter the Valley. Harau is included in the list of visits, the charm that is presented is indeed extraordinary. 

The Harau Valley is located in an area of ​​more than 500 hectares consisting of granite cliffs and a very fertile valley. Its position itself is between the provinces of West Sumatra and Riau, which is about 138 km from the city. 

Padang and 171 km from Lu city, precisely in Harau sub-district, Lima Puluh Kota Regency, West Sumatra province

Puncak Lawang

Puncak Lawang is a hilly area above Lake Maninjau offering a natural panorama with very cool air located at an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level. 

Various challenging activities can be found in this place, rides in this area are also quite rare in other areas of West Sumatra in the morning. This time, the scenery at Puncak Lawang is like a country above the clouds. 

The panorama of Lake Maninjau will be clearly visible because it is not covered with fog, then by noon the sun will break the fog. It is located in Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province, approximately 23 km from the tourist city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

Istana Pagaruyung

The Pagaruyung Palace is a very interesting tourist attraction to visit. 

This palace has also been very often visited by tourists because here you can learn and see various relics from the Kingdom of West Sumatra

in West Sumatra, the Pagaruyung base palace is located in Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra province, the Gini stole the attention after Okay, the world-renowned Ramsay curtain visited here Anyone who visits Pagaruyung Palace can rent Minang traditional clothes while learning about the Pagaruyung kingdom if you visit here you will feel the atmosphere of the Minang kingdom by wearing Minang traditional clothes which are dominated by red, black and yellow, these colors symbolize Wahana tigo or the three Minangkabau regions

Danau Biru

Like Kaolin Lake in Bangka Belitung, Blue Lake was created as a result of abandoned coal mine excavations, even though it left very severe environmental damage, but the former coal mine excavations in Sawahlunto turned out to also listen to the enormous tourism potential called Hero Biru because this lake if seen has water that is rich in water. 

The blue color of the water is blue plus the verdant hilly landscape makes this place offer the best spot for selfies, even though in the end, the Karmata table shop, tourists are not allowed to swim in the lake. 

Around the rocky lake makes the route to this tour quite challenging, a long journey and adrenaline rush will pay off when you arrive at the location of the lake

Jam Gadang 

Although Jam Gadang is not a natural tourist attraction, it is not complete if visiting West Sumatra but not visiting Jam Gadang Jam Gadang is a tourist attraction that is very mandatory to visit and indeed this place is very often visited by many tourists located in the city of Bukittinggi, more precisely in the middle of the square.

Bukittinggi town square Jam Gadang has become an icon and symbol of the city of Bukittinggi so try to visit this tourist attraction and go up to the top level of Jam Gadang to be able to enjoy the beauty of the city in the Jam Gadang area there is also a fairly large park which is usually used by local people and tourists as a place to take pictures, a place to hang out and a place for general events to be held in Indonesia

Danau Maninjau

Lake Maninjau is located in Tanjung Raya sub-district, Agam district, West Sumatra province. 

This lake is located about 140 KM north of Padang City, 36 km from Bukittinggi and 27 km from Lubuk Basung, the capital city of Agam district. 

This lake with natural beauty is one of the quietest places in Indonesia. Very cold, the friendliness of the locals and the delicious food on offer are some of the reasons for you to make this area the right place to cool off from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Here you can try to go around the lake by bicycle, relax by the lake while enjoying delicious Hai cuisine. tastes accompanied by the sound of water blowing on the edge of the lake like water blowing on the beach or visiting the Museum of Buya Hamka's birth house

Darwis Singkarak

Darwis Singkarak is the largest lake in West Sumatra. This lake has an area of ​​​​approximately 108 km2 and stretches in two areas in the province of West Sumatra, namely in Tanah Datar Regency and Solok Regency. 

The beauty of the lake which is surrounded by very green hills with beautiful views, it is not wrong if this tour becomes a tourist attraction for students in the province of West Sumatra, besides being famous for its natural beauty, Lake Singkarak is also famous for its endemic fish species, namely bilih fish, bilih fish. 

This fish species that only lives in Singkarak lake is very unique because it can only live in the lake

Pulau pamutusan

Pamutusan Island is one of the tourist attractions visited by many tourists from abroad. 

This beach is the only way to several small islands on the coast of West Sumatra, indeed this place has a beach with very beautiful white sand, but the actual tourist attraction is not the beach. but the underwater beauty which is used as a photo object to promote the West, this place is arguably a paradise for tourists and divers because here you can see and enjoy the large stretch of coral reefs around Pamutusan beach, there are several small islands that can be visited by boat with beautiful underwater beauty. 

very beautiful there are also hotels and resorts around Pamutusan beach that visitors can use to rest

Wisata Mandeh

Mandeh tourism is an affirmation that Indonesia is rich in marine tourism that deserves to be visited and published. 

To foreign countries, Mandeh tourism seems to state that the beauty of marine tourism is not just Bali or Raja Ampat, Mandeh tourism. 

To be promoted, the Mandeh tourist area has an area of ​​​​approximately 18000w, which consists of three sub-districts and seven natural panoramic villages which include the beach, mangrove forest and waterfall. The Mandeh tourist site is located directly adjacent to the city of Padang. 

Male tourist address is in the Koto Tarusan area, Pesisir Selatan district, province West Sumatra

Those are the top 10 tourist attractions in West Sumatra according to Indonesian tourism, if you have other opinions, tell me in the comments column, guys

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