3 Tourist Attractions in Tanggamus Lampung 2021 Must-Visit

 3 Tempat Wisata di Tanggamus Lampung 2021 Wajib di Kunjungi

Tanggamus Lampung. It is one of fifteen regencies and cities in Lampung which is the mainstay of tourist destinations in the province. 1. Ulu Belu Ulu Belu is a sub-district in Tanggamus Regency, Lampung, Indonesia. Tourism in ulubelu that many people know is, the rainbow valley waterfall, and the green lake located in the village of Datarajan. 2. Shark tooth beach not far from the sparkling bay there is a beach that is said to have the most photogenic views not only in Lampung but in Indonesia. This is the shark tooth beach, aka the rock beach, aka the pawnshop beach. The number of aliases owned by this beach cannot be separated from the unpopularity of the beach so that every vacationer and resident has their own version of the name. Shark rock beach is a name that is on the rise. Giving the name itself refers to the sharp coral cluster which is analogous to the teeth of a shark. Administratively, this beach is located in Pegadungan village, Kalumbayan sub-district, Tanggamus district. No need to bring snorkeling equipment to this place, because the shark tooth beach can only be enjoyed visually. 3. Batu Tegi dam, a lake of freshness in Lampung. Batu Tegi Dam is a dam located in the Batu Tegi Village, Air Naningan, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province. This dam has an extent when under normal conditions, which is about 687.767 million meters³ with a water area of ​​sixteen km². This dam has the main function as hydroelectric power generation and irrigation prevention. But now, this dam has become a tourist attraction for the residents of Lampung and its surroundings

Rainbow Valley Waterfall

You will feel cool water combined with a beautiful natural landscape when you visit Umi, Tanggamus Lampung, one of which is the Rainbow Valley Waterfall in Sukamaju Village, Lubuk Tanggamus District, Lampung.

clusters of water that fall from a height of tens of meters are so amazing besides the waterfall in this location there is also a hot spring for those who are cold after bathing in the waterfall can warm themselves in the warm water

the beauty and splendor of this waterfall can be dubbed as a hidden paradise in Tanggamus district, far from this location there is also a green lake tour, ulubelu, Tanggamus, Lampung, a lake formed by natural processes.

Ulubelu Green Lake

it is not known exactly when this lake began to form, the distinctive color of the lake makes this lake very special and no other love, the color of the lake also looks very photogenic if you use a photo object, this is the main attraction of the green lake to get to the rainbow valley waterfall

you can take it from talangpadang before the talang padang market from the direction of bandarlampung view ah to the right and for more details so you don't get lost you can also trust maps who don't know the exotic beaches of Lampung which always make your photos so cool

Characteristics of Shark Tooth Beach

the hallmark of the shark tooth beach is that there are rows of rocks scattered along the coast, this is a unique beach that cannot be found on other beaches, the rays of sunrise and sunset make the earth's beaches more attractive if visitors have enough guts to stay on this beach. clear night visitors will witness the dazzling stargazing

Sutoyo ring was taken to go to Gigi beach from Bandar Lampung, direct the vehicle to Padang Cermin and then continue down until Kelumbayan Village, Kelumbayan Village, is the closest village to the Spice Beach, this route is actually no better than other terrain.

the terrain remains the same because many of the road conditions are damaged. The advantages of this route are due to cutting or the distance is closer to being taken if from the city of Bandar Lampung this beach has not been equipped with tourism supporting facilities such as lodging or restaurants.

Don't expect to find lodging in the class of a star motel because the lodging offered around the beach is still in the form of local residents' houses for rent or homestays.

in fact the connected stone roof is only useful as a source of hydroelectric power to irrigate agricultural land and consumption of household needs, but the Batutegi dam also functions as a tourist destination when you arrive at this place you will be presented with views of the Batutegi reservoir from a distance and natural scenery that stretches the hills. and the surrounding islands besides that you can also enjoy the view of the sunset in the afternoon or what is often called the set and many other interesting things such as the exotic flying fox selfie andfor those of you who have a hobby or like tenting here also provides complete camping equipment

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