7 Latest and Instagramable CIANJUR Tourist Attractions

 7 Tempat Wisata <b><b>Cianjur</b></b> Terbaru Dan Instagramable

Cianjur is not only in the Puncak area, there are also a number of tours that are hits and you can visit to fill the holidays, even some of them are located in very hidden locations besides being famous for the Pandan Wangi rice-producing city, Cianjur also has amazing natural charm with excellent tourist attractions. in it that attracts the attention of tourists both from inside and outside the city curious. Which tourist attractions are in Cianjur, the following are the 7 newest tourist attractions in Cianjur and Instagrameble according to Indonesian tourism before continuing, don't forget to subscribe to this Chanel and activate your notifications so that we are more enthusiastic in provide information about Indonesian tourism, guys

Karang Potong Ocean View

Karang Cut asianview is one of the tourist destinations in Cianjur which has just gone viral and is being discussed on various social media, this place is still relatively new because it only had a soft opening on July 26, 2021 yesterday. selfie glue camping tour Resto Kids Pak to enjoy Sunset for those of you who are in the Cianjur area, it is mandatory to visit and stop by this tourist spot because this tourist spot is very contemporary and certainly very instagrammable. Hi for the location of this tourist spot, it is on annamed Roads so that Fancy dances goods, Cianjur Regency, West Java province. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket price is Rp. 15,000 for week days and Rp. 20,000 for weekends, you know, guys.

Pantai Jayanti

Jayanti Beach is a beach on the southern coast of Cianjur which is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, although the obake is quite large and the beach is black sand, but its charm is no less exotic than other beaches in Cianjur Hai. likes seafood, Jayanti Beach can be the right choice. This tourist attraction is located in Cianjur Regency. Precisely on Jalan Pantai Jayanti, Cidamar Village, Cidaun District. Meanwhile, the price of the entrance ticket starts from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 20,000, guys.

Curug Cikondang

Curug Cikondang is a waterfall located in Sukadana village, Cianjur Regency, the name does not come from Sundanese which means famous but the name Kondang plant is another name for the lo tree or a plant with a characteristic fruit that grows on branches but it seems that the term Kundang should indeed be carried by R7 This shape, which still reminds people of Niagara, is a waterfall in America. Curug Cikondang is indeed one of the exotic waterfalls that you deserve to visit. This waterfall is located in Sukadana village, Cempaka District, Cianjur Regency. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket price is Rp. 5. 000 Lo guys

Alun-alun Surya Kencana

Suryakencana Square is a savanna in the Peak of Mount Gede area, Tanah Lapang has a characteristic and attractive style, an uncertain stretch of Edelweiss Flowers, an area of ​​​​50 hectares at an altitude of 2750 meters above sea level, is a climbing post and a favorite camping ground for climbers, the beauty and beauty of the surrounding nature can hypnotize whoever is here Hi on the other side of the square this is an ideal camping area for climbers apart from wide sloping this area has natural water sources even in the center of the square there is a small bit which is useful for sanitation or cooking purposes for its location this is in Sukamulya also swimming in Sukamulya, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency, while in Jakarta the entrance ticket starts from 29000 to Rp. 34,000 Lo Guys

Taman Bunga Nusantara

Taman Bunga Nusantara carries the concept of a tourist attraction that takes kayaking Morocco tours in Indonesia because it was pioneered in 1992 as a priority for other agrotourism such as Malang and Bandung. These four tours carry a unique concept and full of educational value. Taman Bunga Nusantara was inaugurated by President Suharto in In 1995, the leaves have recently become one of the favorite recreational places, especially for Jakarta residents, its location close to Mount Gede, there is no doubt about the natural beauty and freshness of the surrounding air for its location. This park is located on Jalan Mariwati KM 7 upstream, Sukaresmi District, Cianjur Regency, while the ticket price The entry starts from IDR 50,000 to IDR 70,000 you know guys


Sevillege natural tourism has beautiful and natural scenery and has a calming atmosphere, indeed this natural tour is very suitable to be used as a vacation spot with family and friends, again with the rides and photo spots that have natural tourism, I say this is very tempting for tourists who visit it one of the most favorite rides of this tour is a helicopter ride you will feelthe sensation of being in a helicopter by being the pilot, besides that there are also rides such as sky bikes through air swings and many others. For those of you who like to take selfies, you will be spoiled with a variety of instagramable photo spots that will certainly make your photos look more beautiful for their location. this place is in ciloto, Cipanas District, Cianjur Regency, West Java province, while exchanging the entrance ticket is Rp. 15,000 for weekdays and Rp. 20,000 for weekends, you know, guys

Curug Citambur

Curug Citambur is one of the waterfall attractions in Cianjur Regency if Usually the waterfall flows on cliffs or rocks, but this waterfall presents a different view, this waterfall is surrounded by cliffs with a stretch of green grass, its beauty may even be a little reminiscent of the atmosphere This fairy tale waterfall flows from a cliff height of up to 100 m. The flow has several steps but is dominated by the highest Ulakan which has the largest water discharge. It is flanked by two sides of a cliff decorated with grass and various wild vegetation. This waterfall is located in Karang Village. Jaya District performances, Cianjur Regency. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket price is Rp. 20,000, guys

Those are the 7 newest tourist attractions in Cianjur from Instagramebel according to Indonesian tourism, if you have other opinions, tell me in the comments column, yes, guys.

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