Villa Voda Is a Lodging and Tourist Place in Tanggamus - Indonesia

 Villa Voda Adalah Penginapan dan Tempat Wisata di Tanggamus

Villa Voda Is a Lodging and Tourist Place in Tanggamus

Hello World friends, now this time we will see one of the tourist attractions in Tanggamus Regency, namely Villa Voda

Villa Voda or better known as Wisma Voda is a place to stay. However, because this place has a beautiful and cool view, many people come to make it a tourist spot.

This voda villa is located in Pekanbaru Kramat, Kotaagung Timur District, Tanggamus district, because it is very close to dusting, people know it, it is located at the gisting.

Even though this place is an inn, it is also open to the public. [Music] Hey, you can come here just to wash your eyes and play with your family, friends or girlfriend.

Hi, for tours here, the entry ticket price is quite cheap, only IDR 10,000 per person

The facilities at Villa Poda are a swimming pool for adults and for children, my friends, the most interesting thing is that the land is spacious with green grass, it's cool to play with family.

And also the flying fox outbound arena from rope bridges, suspension ropes and other rides

besides that there are several photo spots that can be used for a place to take pictures with family or loved ones

which is quite interesting, isn't it, then let's take a tour in Tanggamus Regency. thank you.

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