365 Days Part 2: 365 Days: This Day New Romance Movie 2022 Watch in Tagalog Version

365 Days Part 2: 365 Days: This Day New Romance Movie 2022 Watch in Tagalog Version

The film "365 Days: This Day" is about sex and shopping. Who doesn't enjoy shopping and sex? When seen through this lens, it's easy to see why the Polish erotica "365 Days" became so successful, first in theaters and then on Netflix, where viewers could indulge their most hedonistic desires in privacy. However, the fan base for the franchise that grew out of that unexpected hit stands in stark contrast to the films' quality. It's amazing how much this Euro-softcore serial plagiarizes "Fifty Shades of Grey," which is essentially "Twilight" fan fiction blown up to mega-hit proportions. And that's only the beginning of the problems with these films.

The first "365 Days" film has a nugget of attractive fantasy hidden beneath its repulsive rape-culture premise: Specifically, the concept of letting someone else make the decisions for a bit, in exchange for all the unpleasant duties and obnoxious men that plague the lives of independent, workaholic modern women. Ordinary Warsaw girl Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) fell for Italian mafia lord Don Massimo (Michele Morrone) in less than a year: Sure, he drugged and abducted her when she was on vacation in Sicily, vowing to release her after a year if she didn't learn to love him. The man, meanwhile, has the appearance of an underwear model and spends like a Russian oligarch. The viewpoint of this picture is persistently narrow.

365 Days Part 2: 365 Days: This Day New Romance Movie 2022 Watch in Tagalog Version

That leaves "365 Days: This Day," the Netflix sequel, with as little to do as Laura, who goes from unwilling prisoner to bored housewife in record time. "365 Days," like "Fifty Shades of Grey," adds and removes tales based on its own irrational whims. It appeared at the end of the previous film that Laura would never be able to fulfill her ambition of purchasing an obscenely expensive wedding gown—oh, and marrying the man she loves (or, at least, ate her out on a yacht). But, with the camera swirling around Laura and Massimo as they try to swallow each other's tonsils on an Instagram-worthy Italian cliff, it's as if Laura's near-fatal automobile accident never happened. "365 Days: This Day" looks around and asks itself, "What's next?" after the elaborate formalities of a grandiose wedding and exotic vacation are through.

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Nacho, Laura's supposed gardener, is the next male in her life (Simone Susinna). When Nacho walks up to the camera wearing a trucker hat and shredded pants, it's difficult not to crack a smile. It's even harder not to chuckle when this hardworking man lives in a posh bohemian beach hut in Tulum that resembles a boutique hotel. (Everyone in the "365 Days" lifestyle is secretly wealthy, or at the very least has an amazing sense for interior design.) Nacho is sensitive and non-threatening, in contrast to Massimo's dominance and control. As a result, when Laura sees Massimo in flagrante delicto with his ex, she flees with Nacho, who will be her emotional support hunk for the rest of the movie.

Laura and Nacho don't have sexual relations, though she fantasizes about it. This is because "365 Days," like "Fifty Shades of Grey," is a conservative daydream. Look behind the frequent, robust, moderately kinky softcore scenes—"365 Days: This Day" flirts with male and female full-frontal nudity throughout, just like its predecessor—and "365 Days: This Day" is, at its core, selling the concept of marrying a rich man and having his offspring. Shopping montages outnumber sex montages in this film, and they're all shot in the luxurious, substance-free style of a perfume commercial.Massimo can provide Laura with expensive watches and fast vehicles, couture gowns and high-end sex toys, gourmet breakfasts on the terrace overlooking a million-dollar view, and gourmet breakfasts on the terrace overlooking a million-dollar view, which makes "365 Days: This Day" a romance. He'd merely be a rapist if he was poor.

365 Days Part 2: 365 Days: This Day New Romance Movie 2022 Watch in Tagalog Version

Aspirational and/or erotic montage make up more than 60% of "365 Days: This Day." However, when it comes to filling the remaining 40%, the film lacks the foresight to adhere to a straightforward confrontation between a bad lad and a nice person. The sloppily contrived tale includes coked-out identical twins, feuding Mafia families, and the most inept villain combo this side of Team Rocket in "Pokémon," all of which culminate in a jaw-droppingly terrible action conclusion. In "365 Days: This Day," it's unclear what the Mafia does. They mostly appear to speak in each other's ears during parties and, one guesses, at the gym. (Is having six packs a requirement or a bonus for all Sicilian Mafiosos under the age of 60?)

When it comes to the performances, there's no need to mince things. They're all awful. Laura and Massimo's BFFs, Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) and Domenico (Otar Saralidze), give particularly "comic relief." And, as childish as it is to chuckle at speech written in a language that is clearly not the screenwriters' first language, try not to snicker when Olga screams, "I can't calm down!" "I'm a Pole!" The music is hilarious as well, a boring R&B-ish mashup that sounds like something you'd hear over the loudspeaker at a fast-fashion store.

"365 Days: This Day" isn't even a film. It's late capitalism's emotionally bankrupt id, a braindead haze of staged sex and illogical conflict fuelled by money and violence masquerading as passion. The ickiness of "365 Days" was right there on the surface. "365 Days: This Day," on the other hand, is more subtle, arguing that the ends—high-end luxury items, carved butt cheeks—justify the means—kidnapping, coercion, and misogyny. Laura is objectifying herself this time around. That's somehow even worse.

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