Prey 2022: The Predator Prequel Movie Review – Is It Worth watching?


Introduction: If you're a fan of the Predator franchise, then you'll want to check out Prey. A new prequel movie based on the hit sci-fi action flick, this movie is definitely worth your time. While it doesn't quite live up to the original movie—and there are some major flaws with it—Prey is still an enjoyable watch.

What is Prey Movie 2022.

The plot of Prey is a bit of a mystery, but it does follow the story of Dr. Hugh Dyson, who has been working on creating a serum that can kill Predators for humanity. However, when he comes across a group of Predators who have been created to serve as his personal bodyguard, he must outsmart and outrun them in order to save humanity from destruction.

What are the Characters in Prey

The characters in Prey are very interesting and well-developed. Dr. Hugh Dyson is an amazing scientist and his interactions with the other characters are great; they all make for an excellent story line. The Predators also provide great action sequences and provide a lot of suspense throughout the movie.

What is the Setting of Prey

The setting of Prey is beautiful and truly sets the tone for the entire film; it’s dark, mysterious, and exciting. The environment is perfect for thriller movies and provides plenty of opportunities for suspenseful scenes. The audio/visual quality is good overall, but there are some moments that could use more improvement (e.g., during some fight scenes). Overall, though, Prey is an excellent movie that I absolutely enjoyed watching.

What are the Pros and Cons of watching Prey.

Prey is a highly anticipated movie that is set to release in 2022. The film stars Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston and focuses on the story of a Predator that has been sent to hunting down human prey. Prey is said to be an intense, action-packed thriller that will leave audiences in stitches.

While the Cons of watching Prey may at first seem less desirable, it ultimately provides a great insight into the Predators' Abilities and their motivations. Furthermore, the movie's release date ensures that everyone who wants to see it will have an opportunity.

The Cons of watching Prey

There are a few potential downsides to watching Prey, but overall they seem minor and can be easily resolved with some preparation. One downside could be that some viewers might find the film too violent for their taste, but this could be easily mitigated by prior viewing. Additionally, those who do not enjoy suspenseful movies may not appreciate Prey as much as they hope.

Overall, watching Prey should definitely be attempted by Anyone interested in learning more about the Predators or their Abilities – it is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience worth experiencing!

What are the Implications of watching Prey.

If you decide to watch Prey, there are a few key implications that you should consider. First and foremost, the movie may cause you to feel anxious or scared. The events that take place in the movie could potentially lead to you losing your life or being killed. Additionally, it is recommend that you not watch Prey if you have any anxiety disorders or are sensitive to violence. Finally, watching Prey could also result in some physical health problems. After watching the movie, it is recommended that you avoid activities that might require strong physicality, like running or jumping.

What will happen after I watch Prey

After watching Prey, many people are unsure what will happen next. Some believe that the film's ending leaves too much open ended and unresolved, while others feel that the story has been incomplete and left too much potential for sequels or spin-offs. It is ultimately up to each individual to decide what they want from Prey – whether they plan on watching more movies or not.


Watching Prey is an important decision you'll make when deciding whether to watch the movie. The plot, setting, and audio/visual quality are all excellent, and the story is compelling. However, there are some Implications of watching Prey that you should consider. For example, after watching Prey, may you want to become a bounty hunter? Or maybe you've always been fascinated by the idea of wiping out entire civilizations? These are just a few possible implications that can come from watching Prey. So if you're considering whether or not to watch it, take into account all of the potential consequences that could arise from it.

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