Riverdale Season 6 Netflix: What We Know So Far


Introduction: Riverdale Season 6 is set to air this fall and we have a few things to share with you. First, the cast has been finalized and we’re looking for actors! Second, we have some new photos of the season released and they can be found below. Finally, our first look at the show’s premiere episode will be up soon. Stay tuned!

Get ready for a season of intense Riverdale! With six new episodes released every week, don't miss out on this exciting show!

Netflix's latest season of Riverdale is full of suspense, adventure and heart-wrenching moments. Don't miss it!

Riverdale is Returning for Season 6.

Riverdale season 6 will resume on October 17th with all new episodes. The show is set in the town of Riverdale and follows the story of Alice (Lena Headey), Betty (Viola Davis), Jughead (Jared Padalecki), Archie Andrews (Karl Urban) and his friends Betty and Veronica.

What to Expect in Season 6

In Season 6, there will be a lot of changes for the characters as they move closer to their 20s. Some key changes include Alice moving out of her family's home and into a apartment by herself, Jughead getting a job and starting to learn more about himself, Archie developing feelings for Gilda (Lela Danvers) and Betty going through her first period.

What to Expect from the Characters

The characters in Riverdale are often expected to have dynamic lives that change over time, but it'll be interesting to see how these characters respond to some major developments this season such as Alice moving out or Jughead's job search. With so many new faces in the town, it will be interesting to see how they all interact with one another and with wider society.

Who's Returning for Season 6.

The cast of Riverdale is returning for Season 6. Leading the way back are Calum Scott (King), Betty Cooper (Jughead), Archie Andrews (Jude) and Veronica Lodge (Veronica). Other returning regulars for Season 6 include Tim Curry as Dr. Jekyll, James Marsters as Mr. Hyde, and Lili Reinhart as Alice Dooley. New characters in Season 6 include Harry Metzger and Tommy Strong.

Who's new in Season 6

In addition to the returning cast, Season 6 features a number of new faces. The most notable newcomer is Harry Metzger, who portrays Donald Trump Jr. In addition to character roles, many actors from seasons 5-6 will also be appearing in Season 6 – including Lili Reinhart, James Marsters, Tim Curry, Betty Cooper and more.

How to Watch Riverdale Season 6.

To watch Riverdale Season 6, you will need to have an internet connection and be able to view streaming video. In the United States, streaming Riverdale Season 6 will likely require a cable or satellite subscription. If you’re living in another country, please check with your specific broadcaster for information on how to watch Riverdale Season 6.

Where to Watch Riverdale Season 6

Riverdale is available to stream online at various locations around the world. Please consult your specific location for more information on where to find and watch Riverdale Season 6.

How to Stream Riverdale Season 6

If you would like to stream Riverdale Season 6 live, we recommend using a digital TV provider such as Sling TV or DIRECTV NOW. Additionally, if you are based in the United States and have a DIRECTV account, you can also use our live streaming guide to help plan your viewing schedule.


Season 6 of Riverdale is set to return soon and we have all been eagerly waiting for new episodes. We can expect to see some great things in Season 6, including appearances from classic characters like Alice Cooper and Cheryl Blossom. It's important to keep in mind that the returning players will not be the only ones back - there are also a number of new faces in Season 6. Make sure to stay tuned for all the latest information on Riverdale Season 6!

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